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Fill all blank cells with a number from 1-9.
Click or tap in an empty cell.
Type a number as your guess.
A number may not repeat in the same row, column or 3x3 grid region.
See how to play below and free Sudoku PDF/ Ebooks


How to play Sudoku

Sudoku Rules: The object of the game is to fill in all the blank cells of the game board. You must fill in each blank cell with a number from 1 to 9. A correct number may only occur in a cell once in any row, column or 3x3 region. See the illustration below:

how to play Sudoku

Play Sudoku online

To play Sudoku online, just use the playable version above which is great for practice as well as a great paper saver. There are no timers! Just relax and think about each of your moves. There is only one valid solution for each generated puzzle. You can create a new game by reloading this page or by pressing the New Game button. A correct cell answer will flash green while an incorrect answer will flash red and slowly disappear.

Printable Sudoku Games

All our Sudoku games are printable for free. You can either print the original game that loads when this page loads, the game you are currently working on and even the solved game board (great for teachers). The unfinished games and solved game boards share a unique game id for easy cross reference.


Free Sudoku Books

Play Sudoku Now

If you love to play web Sudoku, then you will want to download my absolutely free printable Sudoku books in PDF format. Just download and print so you can play Sudoku anytime anywhere. I frequently add new books with all new and unique Sudoku game boards so check back often. If you just can't wait for the new books just remember that you can create your own game boards at the top of this page!

Free Sudoku book pdf Free Sudoku Book 1

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Sudoku pdf Free Sudoku Book 3

Sudoku pdf Free Sudoku Book 4

Sudoku pdf Free Sudoku Book 5

Sudoku pdf Free Sudoku Book 6

Sudoku pdf Free Sudoku Book 7

Sudoku pdf Free Sudoku Book 8

Sudoku pdf Free Sudoku Book 9

Sudoku pdf Free Sudoku Book 10

Interesting Facts About Sudoku

Sudoku is often misspelled as Suduko or even Soduko.

Sudoku was originally named Number Place.

The name Sudoku in Japanese translates to single numbers only.

There are 5,472,730,538 possible valid Sudoku solutions in a 9x9 grid.

No math knowledge is required to play Sudoku but there is a puzzle game based on Sudoku called Ken Ken that does use math.

Sudoku may help keep your brain younger and more alert by exercising your mental abilities.

It's highly addictive!

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